App Marketplace


What is the App Marketplace?

Any PIPEFORCE app can be shared with others on a public marketplace. Admins of other PIPEFORCE instances can easily install your app by searching for it and installing it with one click:

This way you can create apps and distribute them across a wide range of PIPEFORCE instances.

Publishing an app on the Marketplace

At first, make sure your app is available via public GitHub repository and it contains a folder structure like this:

  • properties/

    • global/

      • app/

        • tld.domain.yourapp/

          • The contents of your app start in this level.

Publishing an app to the marketplace is now an easy process:

  1. Login to GitHub and add the topics pipeforce-marketplace and pipeforce-app to your repository. Optionally, also add a description to your repo which is displayed in the marketplace later.

  2. Done. Now anyone can search and find your app in the marketplace section of the PIPEFORCE portal and install it with one click.

In case you have created a new repository in GitHub, it could take some time until this repo can be accessed via GitHub API. So you probably have to wait a bit until your app gets visible in the marketplace the first time.

Searching an app on the Marketplace

Apps can be searched in the marketplace. It searches GitHub for all repos having the tags pipeforce-marketplace and pipeforce-app assigned.

Installing an app from the Marketplace

Installing an app from the marketplace is as easy as clicking the INSTALL button. In the backend the app will be downloaded and then installed using the app.install command.

Only install apps from sources you 100% trust!