Form Listening Pipeline (Controller)

After the form has been submitted by the user, the output data will be stored in the property store and then a property.created or property.updated event will be fired by the property store.

A pipeline can listen to such an event and then further process the form submit.

The pipeline belongs to the “controller” part of the MVC form framework.

Here is an example of such a pipeline listening to the event property.created:

pipeline: - event.listen: eventKey: property.created filter: ${'global/app/myapp/object/person/v1/instance')} - mail.send: to: name@email.tld subject: "Application form was submitted" messsage: | The application form was submitted: ${}

The pipeline listens to all property.created events. If a property is created that matches the specified filter, the pipeline is executed and can then process the submitted form output data provided in the body.

For more details, see: