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You can access this online service by an through a URL like this:

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You can use these commands as part of your pipelines. Also you can call them using the PIPEFORCE RestAPI in order to access the drive storage via REST in a common way from external systems. See the RestAPI docs: Commands API V3 (Swagger) .

Sync Client

Sometimes it is required to periodically synchronize files and folders from a mobile or local storage to the online service and back. For this, you can use the free Nextcloud Sync Client.


  1. Download the client which fits your system from

  2. Install the client and start it.

  3. When asked, Login to your existing online drive. As URL use whereas you have to replace NAMESPACE by your own Namespace.

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  4. Your browser should open in order to do the OAuth authentication. This will look similar to this:

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  5. Click Log in and login with your credentials.

  6. After this you are done and the sync client should start syncing in the background.