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  • Model: Form Data
    This optional JSON contains the values to initially be displayed in the form.

  • Model: Form Schema
    This is a JSON Schema and describes the fields of your form (the data structure).

  • View: Form Config
    This JSON brings together all parts and defines the layout of your form (the look & feel and position of the fields).

  • Controller: Pipeline
    Finally, you create a pipeline which that listens to the form submit. After such a submit, the pipeline gets called and can handle the form submit. It can further process the submitted data.

The model and the view documents will be are loaded by the form generator which is implemented in the portal. It will render and show a form to the user based on the input documents:


There can be an optional input data (A), which is the data to be shown initially to a form when it gets loaded. This input data is provided as a JSON document. For example, in case data must be loaded from a database in order to edit it in the form, then this data from the database will be converted to JSON and will become the input data to the form. The input data structure must comply with the Form Schema (D).


The Form Schema document describes the fields' structure of a Form Model using the JSON Schema specification. For example the type of the field, validation rules, the title and so on.