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A much better approach to execute your test pipeline would be to use the command or the Online Test Console since in this case also long running tests can be covered and details about the test executions are shown.

Changing workflow settings for a test run

By using the testing framework of PIPEFORCE you can setup, mock, execute and assert your test results in order to test workflows. In case you need to adjust your BPMN workflow settings like a timer setting or similar inside the workflow engine, you can do so by using dynamic values here for example ${piwf_timerDuration} and change this value by passing a process variable with this name whenever you start your workflow under test. Example:

Code Block

  - workflow.start:
      key: io.pipeforce.myapp_myworkflow
        piwf_timerDuration: PT15S

Note: The prefix piwf_ on the process variable makes sure that it is not treated as business variable and is filtered out from any pipeline calls.

Testing Messaging Queues

PIPEFORCE apps can also create and use messaging queues (usually RabbitMQ Queues). See section Messaging for more details on it. The creation and setup of such queues and attaching consumers to it is usually done in an automated way by PIPEFORCE for you. But in order to make sure the queue setup of your app works as expected, it is good practise to also have tests in your pipeline verifying the correct setup of these queues.