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See here for details about the official JSON schema specification:

For example lets , let's define a simple JSON document which that contains person data:

Code Block
  "firstName": "Sam",
  "lastName": "Meyer",
  "age": 48,
  "gender": "male"

And now lets let's define a JSON Schema in order to formalize the rules for this person JSON document:


In order to get a full documentation of the JSON Schema specification, you should go to the official websites website at:


A Form Schema is a JSON Schema which defines the validation, type and structure rules of widgets inside a PIPEFORCE Form. For more details see: Form Schema & Widgets (Model).

List Schema

A List Schema is a JSON Schema which defines the columns of a table (list) of a PIPEFORCE List. For more details see: List Framework.


The type attribute inside a JSON schema , defines the required data type of an a JSON attribute. Possible values are: